Our Vision

We are the pediatric champions. 


Kangaroo Kidz seeks to enhance the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses. Our organization comes alongside the children and their families to walk the journey and provide joy, support, and to discuss the difficult questions.

Kangaroo Kidz provides mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological support for children and their families. We seek to honor patients, friends, and their community by supporting them as well. We want them to walk away from their time with our organization knowing that they provided everything they can for their children.


Kangaroo Kidz also works with perinatal care as well.

If your unborn child has a genetic disorder that will not sustain life, we want to serve both the child and parents from the day of diagnosis to bereavement.

Kangaroo Kidz is an affiliate of Hospice of Chattanooga.